Smart Home Technology, sounds like such a futuristic concept.

Imagine turning up the central heating with your phone, so your house is warm when you
arrive home. Turning on the lights with a voice command and not getting up from the sofa to
press an old fashioned switch. Even answering your front door when you’re not at home can
all be done with a simple click .The advances in home automation have been huge over the
last 10 years or so.

The introduction of voice controlled home assistants such as the Amazon Alexa and Google
Assistant, and their ever-expanding range of compatible devices, mean smart homes are
accessible to most people and not just some futuristic dream.

Home automation is the ability to control household devices, like clocks, TVs, cameras,
central heating, lights, doorbells with a voice command or the push of a button.

According to market research, in 2020 22% of adults in the UK owned at least one smart
speaker and the average Brit owns over 9 connected devices (smart phone, tablet, games
console etc) each.

Connecting to the internet

In order to run smart home device, you must first be connected to the internet. Some devices
such as some home security camera systems will require a direct wired connection. This
could be a problem if you don’t have enough data points. HMS can help. We can fully install
new data points needed in the most convenient place possible, for any new devices that
need a wired internet connection.

Installing smart home devices

Whilst most smart home devices are wireless and easy to install, some will need
professional installation. They may need a constant energy supply or are too complicated for
the average DIY enthusiast. Smart thermostats, security cameras and some doorbell
systems will need to be wired by a professional electrician. HMS can help. We can fully
install smart home devices, putting your mind at rest that the job will be done thoroughly.

Smart thermostats

There are many brands of smart thermostat available today. Two of the most popular; Nest
and Hive thermostats, enable you to control your heating from a smartphone or a tablet and
both connect to voice assistants. Some models will even give you a breakdown of energy
consumption allowing you to monitor usage and make changes to save energy and money.
However, installing a thermostat can be complicated. HMS can help. Unless you are
qualified it is not recommended to try to install new components to a central heating system,
always leave it to the experts.

Contact Us

HMS Electrical have all the knowledge and expertise to install a wide variety of smart home
devices. If you have a new smart camera and are unsure how to wire it in, or are considering
upgrading your current light switches to smart lights or you’d like a smart thermostat, then
contact HMS Electrical for free advice and a free quote.

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